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About TelaDietitian
TelaDietitian is the trusted provider of medical nutrition therapy using telehealth.
With expert Registered Dietitians ready to help patients with a range of health conditions. TelaDietitian aims to eliminate the barriers of cost, convenience and access to the nutrition care patients need.
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We’re changing the way the world does nutrition therapy.
TelaDietitian provides high quality nutrition consultations along with a personalized nutrition guide with curated content for your specific needs including recipes, custom meal plans and shopping guide. Our 100+ Registered Dietitians do not believe in a generic or a general approach. We want to find what specific nutritional changes you can make to have you lead a healthier life using the latest and cutting edge precepts in nutrition.
What We Believe
TelaDietitian was founded to eliminate the barriers of accessing nutritional care whether it is convenience or cost. Our team of problem-solving, knowledgable and compassionate Registered Dietitians are here to help anyone who needs medical nutrition therapy to live a healthier life and improve clinical outcomes. TelaDietitian believes in the power of food and nutrition to revitalize, nourish and heal.
Projected patients served by 2020